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Piñon Rose Botanical Perfume

Piñon Rose Botanical Perfume


Pinon Rose Botanical Perfume:

A sacred blend of roses and pinon:


  • Pinon Resin: Gathered from the forests around Santa Fe, this resin carries a distinctively earthy, sweet scent with warm, woodsy undertones.

  • Egyptian Rose: Revered for its luxurious, rich aroma, Egyptian rose infuses the blend with a deep, timeless floral fragrance.

  • Mughal Rose: Known for its bright, vibrant notes, Mughal rose adds a fresh and invigorating layer to the blend.


The Essence: This exquisite perfume weaves together sacred woodsy and sweet notes with rich, floral elegance, creating an aromatic journey that transports you to a place of spiritual warmth and divine beauty.


How to Use: Apply to pulse points for a fragrant embrace of pinon and rose, enveloping you in a cocoon of sacred sweetness.

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