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Holy Basil Botanical Perfume

Holy Basil Botanical Perfume


Holy Basil Botanical Perfume:

A sacred blend of four varieties of holy basil:


  • Krishna Tulsi: Known for its deep purple leaves, Krishna Tulsi imparts a spicy, clove-like aroma that invigorates the senses.

  • Rama Tulsi: Offers a mild, sweet fragrance with subtle hints of anise, providing a soothing and grounding effect.

  • Vana Tulsi: A wild variety with a citrusy, earthy scent, Vana Tulsi brings a bright and refreshing note.

  • Kapoor Tulsi: Characterized by its bold, minty aroma, Kapoor Tulsi adds a vibrant and uplifting freshness.


The Essence: Together, these four sacred varieties form a harmonious blend, creating a botanical perfume that embodies the divine, balancing warmth, freshness, and spice.


How to Use: Apply a few drops to pulse points to envelop yourself in the sacred fragrance of holy basil, inviting clarity, peace, and spiritual elevation.

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