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Blue Lotus Protection Balm

Blue Lotus Protection Balm


Introducing our Divine Balm:

A luxurious blend of sacred and sublime ingredients:


  • Blue Lotus Maceration: Symbolizing enlightenment, blue lotus gently opens pathways to relaxation and spiritual connection.

  • Yarrow Essential Oil: Known for healing and protection, yarrow soothes with anti-inflammatory benefits and emotional clarity.

  • Frankincense Essential Oil: Revered for its meditative warmth, frankincense promotes inner peace and spiritual alignment.

  • 24k Gold Leaf Topping: Symbolizing abundance and divine light, 24k gold leaf adds a luxurious finishing touch.


How to Use: Massage a small amount onto pulse points or areas needing tender care. Let the sacred aromas envelop you, bringing harmony to body and spirit.

Embrace calm, healing, and divine light with every application.

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